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General Studies Curriculum

  • Yeshiva Gedola of South Bend operates a structured General Studies program, designed to provide Talmidim with the
    prerequisite knowledge and skills necessary to help them succeed in future professional endeavors.
  • The General Studies program includes the following 4 core high school subjects:
    9th Grade-Language Arts, Algebra I, World History and Biology 1
    10th Grade- Language Arts, Algebra 2, American History, and Spanish.
  • The curriculum is in full compliance with Indiana State Accreditation Standards, as set forth by the Indiana Department
    of Education.
  • ISTEP exams are administered as follows: Biology I at the end of 9th Grade, Algebra I and English 10 at the end of
    10th grade. In addition, the PSAT’s are administered in the fall of 10th grade, and the SAT’s in the spring of 11th grade
  • Physical Education instruction takes place on Sundays. In addition, throughout the week, boys are encouraged to take
    advantage of the various recreational opportunities provided, such as basketball, ice hockey, tennis, volleyball and ping pong.
  • Yeshiva Gedola of South Bend provides students with access to laptops and printers to assist them in developing highly
    organized and well-researched work. Using contemporary resources such as Sonar Central filtering technology,
    Talmidim are provided with white-listed research material that specifically targets the particular assignment at hand.
    All computer usage is closely monitored on a click by click basis, as the safety and well being of Talmidim is the
    Yeshiva’s paramount responsibility.