Shabbos in Yeshiva

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In addition to its comprehensive weekly schedule, our Yeshiva offers talmidim a structured schedule over Shabbos. On Friday nights, talmidim experience an Oneg Shabbos at a Rebbi’s home, while enjoying Divrei Torah, zemiros, stories and home-baked treats. This affords them the opportunity to cultivate their relationship with their Rebbi in a relaxed environment. While we usually daven Friday night and Shabbos morning together with community members in HOC, our talmidim enjoy the last few hours of Shabbos in the Yeshiva. Following Mincha, alongside parents and other community members, there is a Shalosh Seudos, accompanied by a shmuess. Shabbos bekius takes place one hour before Mincha in the summer and on מוצאי שבת  during the winter.

One of the many benefits of the growth that Yeshiva has seen this year is the fact that the Yeshiva’s minyan is now self-sufficient, and we are able to sustain our minyanim throughout the week. As such, we plan to designate Shabbos פרשת ויצא as a “Yeshiva Shabbos”, with Shabbos minyanim taking place in the Yeshiva building. We hope that this Shabbos serves to provide chizuk to talmidim and hanhala alike.  Between Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv and then again before Mussaf, we look forward to hearing Divrei Torah pertaining to Shabbos, with practical suggestions how to help enhance Shabbos and maximize the ruchniyus potential it can give us.

Shas for Shiduchim

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This coming טו׳ בשבט  (Sunday night January 20 through January 21), our talmidim plan to participate in a special טו בשבט  program which will אי״ה  take place in Chicago. In a 24-hour period, the entire ש״ס  will be jointly learned by close to 500 participants at the Veitzener Cheder, followed by a seudas siyum in honor of the momentous occasion. The Yeshiva undertook to complete the first perek of Maseches Kiddushin (40 blatt), to be completed throughout the day. At last year’s siyum, we were zoche to hear derashos from R’ Shmuel Feurst and R’ Shmuel Dishon who emphasized the powerful impact and the Kiddush Hashem of a tzibur who come together to learn Torah. In addition, we had the opportunity to meet and hear divrei chizuk from R’ Shmuel Keller and R’ Zev Cohen. This year, the learning will culminate in a siyum, with Rabbi Yaakov Bender as the guest speaker. Any community members who are interested in coming along should please contact Rabbi Zeiger for chavrusa arrangements with our bochurim. We are looking forward to partnering with the community for this wonderful Kiddush Hashem.

Visit to Chicago

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On Wednesday ofפרשת וירא , our 10th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Frankel, traveled to Chicago to visit his Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Abikzer, and the members of his kollel. On the spur of the moment, the 10th grade bochurim eagerly requested to join him on his trip. In order that the trip wouldn’t cause the bochurim to miss part of their learning, along the way they took turns giving shiur on the Gemara that they had learned, and on Chumash for the Chumash Seder that was missed. Although they were only in Chicago for a short amount of time, Rabbi Abikzer infused them with a powerful message. He quoted the Nefesh Hachaim who states that just as a father is willing to give his son whatever he wants, so too, Hashem is ready to give to each and every person that learns Torah an abundance of knowledge, a deep understanding, and a real connection to the Torah, provided that we prepare a “storage house” Yiras Hashem. He explained that oftentimes, our test is to abandon the fear of how we will we be perceived if we immerse ourselves in Torah, rechanneling that fear to gain an authentic fear of Hashem.  Afterwards, the bochurim went to Rabbi Abikzer’s kollel to daven Mincha, and the bochurim had the opportunity to talk to the kollel members as well. Rabbi Abikzer and his kollel commented on how impressed they were with the level of learning, as well as the menshlichkeit of our talmidim. Before returning to Yeshiva, they were treated to dinner at Great Chicago.

Kinyan Hamesechta

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Aside from the regular iyun sedarim in which we study the Gemara in depth, another important goal of the Yeshiva is to assist our talmidim in completing the masechta that the Yeshiva is currently learning, as well as to review and retain its content. To complete the blatt in Maseches Kidushin which are not covered during our regular iyun and bekius sedarim, the Yeshiva offers an optional bekius shiur three nights a week following Maariv. This shiur is given by Rabbi Yitzchok Kenzer, and Boruch Hashem, our Talmidim have taken advantage of this special opportunity to learn and master Maseches Kidushin. In additionto having launched an extensive chazara program, we are proud of our Shakla V’Tarya program, in which talmidim are encouraged to summarize the Gemara (blatt by blatt) by heart. Thank you to an anonymous donor for his generosity in sponsoring this program. בעז״ה  we will once again celebrate with a grand siyum masechta at the end of the year, together with the entire community.

Communal Siyum on Maseches Sukkah

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On Sunday, June 10th, we welcomed community members, alumni,
and friends of the Yeshiva into their Beis Medrash to be mesayem Maseches Sukkah. The
talmidim spent many months delving into the masechta b’iyun and were ready to
make a siyum, but wanted to give the community a chance to join them in their Simchas
Hatorah. 110 Lomdim, or 55 chavrusa pairs, gathered in the Beis Medrash, each undertaking to
learn one of the 55 blatt in the hour preceding the siyum. In addition, community members and
alumni were offered the opportunity to sponsor lomdim, thereby participating in their limud
haTorah. The event began with divrei chizuk from Rav Ahron Levitansky, the Menahel of
Telshe Cleveland, who discussed the concept of a communal siyum. While the typical siyum
may involve one person finishing the masechta by himself, the communal siyum has the distinct
feature of achdus between the various learners. He also mentioned that learning the entire
Maseches Sukkah in one hour is an impossibility, so indeed, every lomeid is an integral part of
the simcha. Following his speech, the learning of the 55 chavrusos began full force and lasted
for an hour. The Kol Torah was tremendous and the entire Masechta was completed. The
lomdim were then welcomed to a beautiful banquet to celebrate their accomplishment. They
were privileged to be joined by two members of the Yeshiva’s chinuch advisory board, Rabbi
Levitansky and Rabbi Zev Cohen of Chicago, alongside the nearly 200 community members
who participated in this monumental Kiddush Hashem. The event began with divrei bracha from
Rabbi Dovid Margulies, the ninth grade Rebbi, who noted the great dedication of the talmidim,
both in their iyun and bekius sedarim. Each talmid then had a chance to speak, followed by the
siyum and spirited dancing. Rabbi Meir Bulman, the Mara D’Asra of Hebrew Orthodox
Congregation, discussed how the Yeshiva enhances and adds so much to the community. Rabbi
Cohen passionately described the light of Torah, as well as the role of a Yeshiva in spreading it
throughout a city. Our Menahel, Rabbi Ami Zeiger closed the event by quoting
the Gemara in Sukkah, Daf chaf tes, which compares Bnei Yisroel to the moon, and noted the
great gift of hischadshus, or self-renewal, which came from this inspirational event. The display
of achdus both from the lomdim, as well as from those who sponsored their learning, was
mechazeik the Yeshiva and the entire community.

To donate in honor of a Lomeid please visit

Rabbi Bentzion Twersky Visits Yeshiva

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On Erev Shabbos, May 11, Parshas Behar-Bechukosai, Rabbi Bentzion Twersky, the Rav of Congregation Beth Jehuda of Milwaukee, visited Yeshiva. Rather than speaking to the Talmidim in the traditional shiur format, and our Talmidim were privileged to hear Divrei Chizuk from Rabbi Twersky  as he sat with them during breakfast, discussing issues pertinent to our times. He quoted the well-known Gemara in Kiddushin which states that Torah serves as an antidote to the yetzer hara and elaborated upon its powerful effect. We would like to extend a very special thank you to Rabbi Arnstein, rabbi Kreisman and south Bend Hebrew Day School for bringing in Rabbi Twersky and allowing us to share in this wonderful weekend of of Chizuk.

Rabbi Mordechai Willig Visits Yeshiva!

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On Friday, December 29th, Rabbi Mordechai Willig visited Yeshiva to speak to our bochurim. He gave a dynamic erev shabbos speech in which he covered many topics. Among the subjects covered, he discussed with the talmidim the concept of fulfilling mitvos in Eretz Yisrael and the chashivus of yearning for this opportunity and hoping to merit it. 

Shabbos Parsha Vayera

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On Shabbos Parshas Vayera, our Talmidim were treated to a special Shalosh Seudos Shmuess given by Rabbi Meir
Margulies of Cleveland, Ohio. He reflected upon the exchange between Avraham Avinu and Hashem regarding the
destruction of Sedom, using it to accentuate the great power of our Avos. Connecting this theme to various Gemaros
which discuss the concept of Emunas Chachamim, he emphasized the greatness of our Gedolim, leaving a lasting
impression on our Talmidim. On Motzei Shabbos, there was a special learning program in preparation of the hour that we gained by changing back our clocks early the next morning. Aside from the dynamic Shiur given by Rabbi Margulies in Yoreh Deah, this learning emphasized the importance of maximizingone’s time for Limud HaTorah. Following the program, the Talmidim went to Rabbi Margulies’s house for a Melava Malka, along with singing and dancing. May our Talmidim continue to be inspired and always learn with such Hasmada!

Completing Masechta Sukkah!

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Some of our Talmidim have undertaken to complete Masechta Sukkah by attending Rabbi Kenzer’s Bekius Shiur three nights a week after Maariv. As there are 20 blatt which will not be covered in our regular Iyun and Bekius Shiurim, Rabbi Kenzer’s Shiur provide them with the special opportunity of making a Siyum, which will IYH take place this upcoming Shavuos.

Completing Perek Gimmel of Mesechta Sukkah!

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Mazel Tov to the Talmidim who completed פרק ג׳ of מסכת סוכה in time for סוכות. As this פרק deals with הלכות ד׳ מינים, it provided them with knowledge that will be invaluable as they are מקיים the מצוה of ד׳ מינים. Thank you to Rabbi Kenzer for giving an after-Maariv Shiur to teach the דפים which were not covered during the regular עיון and בקיאות classes. We wish our Talmidim much הצלחה as they embark upon the great goal of completing the entire מסכת, with a Siyum scheduled בעזרת ה׳ for this upcoming שבועות.