Tu Bishvat saw our bachurim in Chicago participating in the much anticipated and  inspirational Shas for Shidduchim event.  Besides for joining hundreds of other participants in completing Shas in 24 hours and shteiging to the thunderous sound of kol Torah (the Yeshiva undertook to complete 40 blatt in Maseches Kidushin), the boys had the opportunity to hear divrei chizuk from Harav Zucker at the Chicago Community Kollel. In addition, our 10th graders delivered their own chaburos to members of  R’ Mandel’s kollel, as they have already  done several times this year (most recently, this past Thursday).  The sugyos they presented spanned various sugyos in the first perek of Seder Kiddushin, and they prepared these Chaburos with their Rebbi, R’ Frankel, during the days preceding their trip.  The event culminated with a special banquet and siyum which featured a talk by Harav Yaakov Bender on being nosei beol im chaveiro; feeling the joy and pain of other people.  He emphasized the concept of Torah learning not only being personal, but also as a zechus for the general klal, especially as it pertains to those in need of a shidduch.  We felt privileged to have a chance to feel connected to the larger klal and contribute in such a meaningful and memorable way. 

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