On Motzei Shabbos Parshas Bo, eight prospective talmidim from Chicago arrived at our Yeshiva where they were treated to a melave malka and enjoyed a kumzitz with our boys.  Following Shacharis on Sunday morning, the guests joined us for breakfast and a tour of the Yeshiva.  Then the boys prepared with chavrusos, and attended a special shiur from R’ Shalom Fleisher. The day continued with an exciting recreational activity and culminated with a hot fleishig lunch, dvar Torah, and mincha.  This open house was a wonderful opportunity for our talmidim to play host to potential future bochurim, and for the Chicagoans to get a taste of the special goings-on at the Yeshiva. Several of these bochurim are already enrolled in our Yeshiva for the upcoming year, and we are excited to continue this special relationship with the Chicago community. 

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