As in past years, Mr. Koontz, together with the Yeshiva administration, assembled an excellent general studies staff for the 2018-2019 school year.  These teachers ensure that the 3.5 hours allocated per day to general studies are fully utilized and that the curriculum is in full compliance with Indiana State Accreditation Standards. Notably, the 10th graders are receiving dual credit for their US history class and, have begun taking ISTEP exams in language arts and math. 

During legal holidays, the Yeshiva offered its talmidim hands-on lessons in woodworking and basic bicycle repair taught by Mr. Shmuel Ament, and bookbinding instructed by Mr. Papoff of Chicago.  Special thanks to these talented individuals for sharing their skills with the boys!  The Yeshiva also wishes to extend its appreciation to Steel Warehouse and the Lerman family for providing the bachurim with an enjoyable and informative tour of their plant on Tucker Drive.  Knowing that the Lermans are staunch supporters of the Yeshiva made the opportunity to witness their business in action even more meaningful for the boys.   

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