Kinyan Hamesechta

Aside from the regular iyun sedarim in which we study the Gemara in depth, another important goal of the Yeshiva is to assist our talmidim in completing the masechta that the Yeshiva is currently learning, as well as to review and retain its content. To complete the blatt in Maseches Kidushin which are not covered during our regular iyun and bekius sedarim, the Yeshiva offers an optional bekius shiur three nights a week following Maariv. This shiur is given by Rabbi Yitzchok Kenzer, and Boruch Hashem, our Talmidim have taken advantage of this special opportunity to learn and master Maseches Kidushin. In additionto having launched an extensive chazara program, we are proud of our Shakla V’Tarya program, in which talmidim are encouraged to summarize the Gemara (blatt by blatt) by heart. Thank you to an anonymous donor for his generosity in sponsoring this program. בעז״ה  we will once again celebrate with a grand siyum masechta at the end of the year, together with the entire community.

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