Visit to Chicago

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On Wednesday ofפרשת וירא , our 10th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Frankel, traveled to Chicago to visit his Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Abikzer, and the members of his kollel. On the spur of the moment, the 10th grade bochurim eagerly requested to join him on his trip. In order that the trip wouldn’t cause the bochurim to miss part of their learning, along the way they took turns giving shiur on the Gemara that they had learned, and on Chumash for the Chumash Seder that was missed. Although they were only in Chicago for a short amount of time, Rabbi Abikzer infused them with a powerful message. He quoted the Nefesh Hachaim who states that just as a father is willing to give his son whatever he wants, so too, Hashem is ready to give to each and every person that learns Torah an abundance of knowledge, a deep understanding, and a real connection to the Torah, provided that we prepare a “storage house” Yiras Hashem. He explained that oftentimes, our test is to abandon the fear of how we will we be perceived if we immerse ourselves in Torah, rechanneling that fear to gain an authentic fear of Hashem.  Afterwards, the bochurim went to Rabbi Abikzer’s kollel to daven Mincha, and the bochurim had the opportunity to talk to the kollel members as well. Rabbi Abikzer and his kollel commented on how impressed they were with the level of learning, as well as the menshlichkeit of our talmidim. Before returning to Yeshiva, they were treated to dinner at Great Chicago.

Warren Dunes State Park

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On Tuesday afternoon, October 23rd, the Yeshiva took a day trip to Warren Dunes State Park in southwest Michigan.  Aside from providing our talmidim with a well-deserved opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate their minds, they also had the ability to learn with the backdrop of a new and pleasant setting near Lake Michigan. Following an enjoyable game of wiffle ball in the sand, Rabbi Margulies and Rabbi Frankel learned together with the bochurim, who were able to experience firsthand the commonality between seeing Hashem in Torah and in creation. One of the surprises of the day came when we chanced upon a family whose car was stuck in the sand, offering us the opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem as we joined to help them get out. After a day of hiking, playing ball, and learning, the talmidim returned energized and excited to continue shteiging.

Kinyan Hamesechta

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Aside from the regular iyun sedarim in which we study the Gemara in depth, another important goal of the Yeshiva is to assist our talmidim in completing the masechta that the Yeshiva is currently learning, as well as to review and retain its content. To complete the blatt in Maseches Kidushin which are not covered during our regular iyun and bekius sedarim, the Yeshiva offers an optional bekius shiur three nights a week following Maariv. This shiur is given by Rabbi Yitzchok Kenzer, and Boruch Hashem, our Talmidim have taken advantage of this special opportunity to learn and master Maseches Kidushin. In additionto having launched an extensive chazara program, we are proud of our Shakla V’Tarya program, in which talmidim are encouraged to summarize the Gemara (blatt by blatt) by heart. Thank you to an anonymous donor for his generosity in sponsoring this program. בעז״ה  we will once again celebrate with a grand siyum masechta at the end of the year, together with the entire community.