Rabbi Yari’s Visit

On Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara, we were privileged to hear Divrei Chizuk from Rabbi Mordechai “Yari” Yaroslawitz of St. Louis, who was in South Bend for a family simcha. He spoke passionately about the concept of , הבא להיטהר מסייעין אותו, one who takes the first step receives special help from Hashem to succeed. Rabbi Yari’s annual Kulanu Yachad Shabbaton attracts well over one thousand college students, and his great efforts for the sake of Klal Yisrael serve as a living example of the powerful words that he conveyed to us. In addition, he emphasized the important
role, as well as the great opportunity, that each Talmid has. We very much appreciate his warm words and wish him much hatzlacha in this year’s Shabbaton.

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