Shabbos Parsha Vayera

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On Shabbos Parshas Vayera, our Talmidim were treated to a special Shalosh Seudos Shmuess given by Rabbi Meir
Margulies of Cleveland, Ohio. He reflected upon the exchange between Avraham Avinu and Hashem regarding the
destruction of Sedom, using it to accentuate the great power of our Avos. Connecting this theme to various Gemaros
which discuss the concept of Emunas Chachamim, he emphasized the greatness of our Gedolim, leaving a lasting
impression on our Talmidim. On Motzei Shabbos, there was a special learning program in preparation of the hour that we gained by changing back our clocks early the next morning. Aside from the dynamic Shiur given by Rabbi Margulies in Yoreh Deah, this learning emphasized the importance of maximizingone’s time for Limud HaTorah. Following the program, the Talmidim went to Rabbi Margulies’s house for a Melava Malka, along with singing and dancing. May our Talmidim continue to be inspired and always learn with such Hasmada!

Wednesday Night Learning

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YGSB engages in an ongoing partnership with the community to promote the growth of our Talmidim, as well as to create a Makom Torah where all feel welcome. Nowhere is this more evident than during our Wednesday Night Seder, in which community members learn in our Bais Medrash. While Kollel Erev members learn the Yeshiva Masechta on a nightly basis and are scheduled to complete Maseches Sukkah with our Talmidim, Wednesday Night Seder encourages all community members to come and learn the Limud of their choice. In addition, this Night Seder provides fathers the opportunity to review the previous week’s Bekius Limud with their sons. We feel fortunate to be in such close proximity to HOC, under the guidance of Rabbi Bulman, and the South Bend Kollel, headed by Rabbi Rephoel Pollack. We have great Hakaras Hatov to the entire community for the support that they show, as well as the great interest that they show in the growth of our Talmidim.

SBHDS Playground

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Rabbi Margulies’ shiur joined the South Bend community with their recent playground project. Though the initial plan called for the bochurim to connect with other volunteers on Sunday afernoon, the playground was completed ahead of the boys’ scheduled PE period. However, one last item remained on the building agenda. The concrete sandbox footings which were poured during the Sunday build required curing time before the installation of the sandbox posts, so the bochurim happily arrived at SBHDS on Wednesday, as soon as the concrete footings had set, to assist in the installation of the sandbox posts and canopy. Yasher Koach for assisting in this project which will bring joy to South Bend children for many years to come.

Rabbi Yari’s Visit

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On Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara, we were privileged to hear Divrei Chizuk from Rabbi Mordechai “Yari” Yaroslawitz of St. Louis, who was in South Bend for a family simcha. He spoke passionately about the concept of , הבא להיטהר מסייעין אותו, one who takes the first step receives special help from Hashem to succeed. Rabbi Yari’s annual Kulanu Yachad Shabbaton attracts well over one thousand college students, and his great efforts for the sake of Klal Yisrael serve as a living example of the powerful words that he conveyed to us. In addition, he emphasized the important
role, as well as the great opportunity, that each Talmid has. We very much appreciate his warm words and wish him much hatzlacha in this year’s Shabbaton.